Musser Models website homepage

Henry Musser is an artist here in Maine who makes beautiful scale models of historic ships. When he and his wife Pat relocated recently, they lost the small studio where Henry had displayed his work.

A Commercial Site with an Art Gallery Feel

The Mussers wanted a website that would show off Henry’s models and give them a broader audience. While the ships are for sale, Pat and Henry wanted the focus to be on the craftsmanship rather than the marketing. They also wanted to have the option to edit the site’s content themselves.

Customized WordPress Design

Mussermodels is a customized WordPress site that offers the Mussers the features they were looking for:

  • a minimalist design that takes backstage to the images of the ships
  • a responsive design, meaning that the layout resizes itself automatically to the viewer’s screen size
  • an image gallery plugin that shows off multiple views of each ship
  • a blogging platform: Henry journals  the process of building a model ship, which is fascinating. It takes him between one and two years to build a ship, as he makes every wooden piece by hand to fit.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This feature is built into WordPress to some degree, and enhanced with a powerful plugin that provides page-by-page analysis.

Henry’s site is definitely worth a visit! Click on the image up above or the link down below to check it out.

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