• Vintage Tech logo redesign - letterhead
  • Vintage Tech logo redesign - letterhead
  • Vintage Tech logo redesign - business card
  • vintage tech logo redesign - notepad with logo

The Vintage Tech logo redesign started with an existing logo that was partially obscured by graphics and difficult to read. The new version retains many elements of the original – the color scheme, basic shape, background and images that project the company’s mission and values – and is at the same time clean and memorable.

Vintage Tech logo redesign

This was a fun project that evolved into an all-out branding identity package, including business cards, stationary and envelopes, and promotional items. The package includes different versions of the logo for use in varied applications: single-color, black and white, and a simplified horizontal layout that can be scaled to a smaller size.

OK, full disclosure: this was a student project inititated by one of my favorite teachers, an accomplished graphic designer who loves to provide her students with real-life opportunities. She encountered a representative of Vintage Tech at a tradeshow and let him know, in her direct and unapologetic way, that his logo needed some help. He good-naturedly agreed. Of course, there was no guarantee that the company would adopt the finished design… and they haven’t yet. My teacher and I are still hoping.