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Branding and a Website for an MIT-inspired Technical Program for Youth

Gizmo Garden is a local non-profit providing fun hands-on technical teaching and introductory programming experiences to our problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Directors Judy and Bill Silver hired Hermit Thrush Design to create a professional logo and a website for the non-profit. Judy had created a temporary graphic logo the first year the program was offered, inspired by a circuitboard motif, but was finding the image “clunky” and difficult to scale for applications of varying sizes.

They wanted a professional look that embodied the technical nature of the program, was as gender-neutral as possible, and would appeal to students and their families.

Since the circuitboard is a core component of all Gizmo Garden gadgets, and had been the central element of Judy’s design, I used that graphic as a starting point for the design. The other half of Gizmo Garden, of course, is the garden, which inspires the organic paired-leaf or opening-flower shape behind the circuit board lines and circles. The green color is representative of both.

Happily, Judy and Bill were both thrilled with the design. Judy loved the image of a flower opening, and thought it suggested the wonderful creative possibilities for students in the program. Bill’s comment was that as an engineer, he had never realized the emotional impact an effective design can have.

For a designer, it doesn’t get more gratifying than that!

Gizmo Garden Logo, Before:

Original Gizmo Garden logo

Gizmo Garden logo, After:

Redesigned logo for Gizmo Garden

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