Second Congregational Church website

Responsive WordPress Design

Like Musser Models, the Second Congregational Church website is a WordPress site. I find that many people are requesting WordPress for a number of reasons:

  • it’s easy for non-developers to edit
  • the design is fully customizable
  • it has built-in search engine optimization
  • there’s a plugin available for just about any feature you could want, from calendars and maps to contact forms and slideshows.

Kits Media offers a well-written article on WordPress, how it works and who should use it. Read it here.

Custom Graphics

The design reflects the church’s vibrant community as well as its spiritual life, with images prominent on every page. The rainbow graphic in the header is symbolic of the church’s welcome to all, a welcome that is further emphasized by the headline feature on the homepage.

Streamlined Navigation

With the demographics of the church’s congregation in mind, the layout is simple and easy to navigate and features a generously-sized, readable font. The church is used by many outside organizations as well, so the church’s Google calendar is on its own page and easy to find.
You can visit the site by clicking here.