• CD packaging - Standard Issue
  • CD packaging - Standard Issue

While a graphic design student in South Portland, I was asked by Rob Schreiber of Rob Schreiber’s Standard Issue to create a poster for a live recording of classic jazz. Rob loved the poster (not pictured), and wanted full CD packaging – a CD cover, insert, and CD label – for the resulting recording.

Low-cost, Eco-friendly Packaging

Rob was interested in an economical and eco-friendly package. He found a nifty design for an origami CD cover by Thomas Hull, which involves printing the front, back and spine of the cover, all properly oriented, on a single side of standard letter-sized paper.

After some fancy folding, the insert and CD are tucked inside, and the whole thing slides into a lightweight plastic sleeve with a resealable adhesive flap. Rob was able to save money by doing the printing, folding and packaging himself.

That Vintage Feel

The design reflects both the dynamism of jazz music – suggested by the steep, off-kilter angles –  and the specific trio of instruments. The fonts, color scheme and paper, a parchment made with post-consumer fiber, create a vintage vibe that complements the group’s classic repertoire.